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Bird.i: Satellite image viewer platform design

Research, evaluation & redesign of Bird.i’s key product.

The Challenge

One of the core offerings for Bird.i is their satellite image viewer platform. However, feedback from users suggested there was significant room for improvement in the usability and clarity of the experience. With a roadmap for future development, the team wanted to ensure that they had a solid foundation based on proven user-centred design principles.

Heuristic Evaluation

I began by evaluating the tool against the 10 heuristic design principles to establish some fundamental opporunities to improve the usability of the platform. This resulted in me being able to identify a number of aspects that could be simplified and streamlined to provide a more intuitive user experience

User Feedback

We gathered feedback from users and used it to identify common themes and priorities. This analysis was invaluable in helping to identify their challenges, needs and experience of the platform. It was also an opportunity to help guide the prioritisation and scope of new features.

Competitor Analysis

I next researched and analysed a number of key competitors to better understand the relative landscape, identify and understand what they were doing well and where they were less successful. I used this data to benchmark Bird.i’s platform in relation to their competitors.


Based on the proceeding steps and an understanding of the proposed product roadmap I began looking at the key user journeys and developed wireframes to explore and design an optimised user experience. This was an iterative process involving client and user feedback to validate the designs.


I developed a functional, responsive prototype for mobile and desktop to be used during user testing sessions to gather feedback on the interface design and functionality.

Designing new features

After the initial scope of requirements were met, I have been supporting the team on an ongoing basis, working with them to help develop new features including; Advanced filtering, alerts, image comparison tools and a historic image timeline feature.

Providing tools and processes for future success

I developed a visual language and design standards, alongside a user testing strategy to support the team. This enabled them to maintain a consistent interface, have a set of guiding principles to follow and empower them to embed a user-centred design approach going forward. 

 The Result

 User satisfaction in the platform was markedly improved and requests for technical support were reduced.  The business has a product that they have validated with users and are delighted to present to potential new clients. The team have a set of guidelines and assets that are ensuring the product is consistently designed and coherent and they have a well established user-centred design process they are confident in.


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