Hi, I’m Scott. I am a UX & Product designer from Glasgow, UK.

I have 20+ years experience of designing innovative features, products and services that meet business goals and delight users with easy to use and memorable experiences.

Recent Projects

Below are some of the most recent projects I have been working on. I can’t always provide comprehensive details of all projects due to ongoing NDA’s, but can provide general information on my role and activities.


Luno are one of the world’s fastest growing Cryptocurrency exchanges. I provided UX/Product design consultancy services working within the Faster payments LOB. Responsible for the product design of new payment integrations for the European market. Services include: Wireframing, customer flows, usability testing and analysis, stakeholder engagement and contributing to the wider product design function.

JP Morgan

Working with the Investment Banking line of business providing UX & UI design consultancy services developing prototypes, designing features, engaging with stakeholders and providing best practice guidance for JPMC’s online trading platforms.

Clydesdale & Yorkshire banking group

Providing User experience consultancy services developing a variety of features & products including current account opening, credential management, app profile switching, app payment management and a new customer support and telephony platform.


Birdi are a industry leading satellite imagery and data insights company. I was commissioned to work with the Birdi team to redesign their core product: Their satellite image viewing tool. I performed a heuristic evaluation, wireframed a new UI and user journeys, produced high fidelity mockups and handed off UI assets to the dev team. I continue to work with the team to develop new features and consult on UX best practices.

Bellrock Technology

Bellrock Technologies’ flagship product ‘Lumen’ enables companies to connect multiple data sources to gain smart and deep insights.
I have been working with Bellrock to evaluate the efficiency and usability of the Lumen product, provide recommendations for enhancements, design a new UI and consult on new features. Working closely with the development team and business stakeholders to help drive forward the user experience of the product to meet business goals and delight users.

Visit Bellrock.tech

My Skills & Experience

I believe in adopting a flexible approach driven by the particular needs of individual clients and projects. Below are some examples of methods I use to add value to my clients projects.


User Research

User interviews, persona development, customer journey mapping & storyboarding – I use a combination of all these techniques (and more) to better understand your users, their behaviours, needs and motivations.

UX Strategy

From a lean process through to a full UX strategy covering design patterns, principles, interaction guides and component libraries…Whatever your needs, I can work with you do develop a UX strategy that delivers.

Wireframing & Prototyping

I use wireframes to communicate functionality, interactions and processes in a way that brings abstract concepts to life for colleagues, stakeholders and users. I have a wide range of experience developing lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes to help validate ideas and help drive user testing


Heuristic Evaluations

I am experienced in evaluating products and systems against the 12 industry standard best practice principles. This process enables me to identify usability challenges and opportunities to improve the user experience.

User Testing

Engaging with users early and often to validate solutions yields the greatest results. Whatever your requirements or budget, I can help plan & conduct user testing sessions & evaluate results, provide reporting and actionable insights.


Design Sprints

Design sprints are a rapid ideation method first developed by the team at Google Ventures. I am experienced in using this methodology to help cross-disciplinary teams rapidly understand, define, prototype and validate a design solution.

I first met Scott during September 2021 when he was introduced, via Nimble, as a UX Design consultant. It was during a period of exponential growth and we were scaling rapidly. At first, the idea of having consultants join our in-house product design team was not a popular view. Bearing that in mind, Scott onboarded quickly, earning the respect from fellow Pod and team members through his talent and authentic nature. He is a team player.

I was particularly impressed with how Scott managed to carefully balance and prioritise between solving design problems with his Pod and earning relational trust through design team ceremonies. Scott’s contribution helped us deliver on many major millstones, including our instant deposit integration in the UK, our instant buy integration in the EU and improvements to our Malaysia deposit journey – all part of our global expansion.

It is unfortunate that we now need to say goodbye to Scott. The fact that no one wants to is testimony to the quality of his work, his attitude and values. You will do well to hire him. I think Scott might just be our Nanny McPhee. I hope to work with him once again in the future.

Clint Bryce

Head of Design, Luno

Scott is passionate about creating a great experience for customers. He is extremely good at articulating his work and presenting to stakeholders. This along with his expertise and experience in his field and his keenness to work with others – makes him a great member of any UX/UI team!

Stewart Anderson

Head of UX (Digital Solutions), Virgin Money UK PLC

Scott is a gifted UX Designer with a great combination of creativity, empathy and attention to detail.

Scott joined my team at City as a Senior UX Designer, and he expertly filled the role making a dramatic difference in the quality of output from the design team. His ability to research, summarise and present facts, reason with business stakeholders and bring in change through design workshops and usability testing was truly impressive. He showed great initiative in collaborating and building our UI/UX templates and design guidelines to direct the team. He was a positive influence to all his co-workers, always had a great attitude, and was the go-to UX designer for the delivery teams.

Scott’s talent and affability made him a valuable member of our team, and a pleasure to work with. I’m sure he’ll be an asset to any team.

Vaishali Bangera

Reviewing and identifying automation opportunities for Clients and delivering quality products, City Facilities Management

Scott worked with us on a contract basis but he always felt like a fully integrated team member. He was professional, self-sufficient and dependable at all times. I was sorry to see him move on. Scott was able to understand the complex requirements of our financial software platform and develop design solutions that were both intuitive to use and easy to build. He’d be a great asset to any team.

Colin McKinney

Executive Director, UK Design Lead | Digital Private Markets, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Scott is approachable, pragmatic and a joy to work alongside. He is able to come up with options and ideas to make complex work simple and easy to use and understand. Great with senior management and stakeholders. Always able to articulate his thoughts and views in a way others will understand. A fantastic team player and just knuckles down to tackle any problem!

Laura MacLeod

Digital Business Consultant, CYBG

Scott has worked on projects within payments for approximately a year and a half, and his value to any team and business cannot be overstated.

Scott is able to see a project through from discovery to delivery. He has a deep knowledge of design, design thinking, and process, with the capability to effectively apply them in various situations so that the best possible outcome is achieved.

His empathy for both the people he designs for, and the people he works with enables him to identify and understand different perspectives and facilitate critical, and sometimes hard but necessary, conversations and collaboration. This also enables him to build life long connections with his team mates.

It’s been a privilege to work with, and learn from Scott, and I would not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Inge Malan

Product Design Team Lead, Luno

Previous projects

Below are a selection of projects I have worked on from a little further back, providing a variety of consultancy services including UX, UI, visual design, brand development & textile design

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I specialise in designing goal oriented products and services that are both usable and beautiful. From tech startups to international financial institutions, I can help make your products stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.